Cheese and Beer Tasting

As it’s Britain’s Beer day on the 15th of June and it’s Father’s day on the 18th of June we thought it would be a great idea to pair beer and cheese to make the perfect gift for father’s day!

We found 2 willing dads (it didn’t take much persuasion) and visited our friends over at Purple Moose Brewery last month to find the perfect pairings.


Here is what we thought worked well together:

Dragon Caerphilly with Elderflower Ale


The light, crumbly texture of our Caerphilly complemented the refreshing indulgence of the elderflower in this pale ale


Dragon Vintage with Chocolate Moose


The strong taste from the vintage cheddar went very well with the smooth, rich stout and aftertaste of chocolate


Dragon Mild and Mature with Snowdonia Ale


The full of flavour golden ale complemented our mild and mature cheddar perfectly, this totally depends on your preference


Dragon Cavern Aged Cheddar with Dark side of the Moose


voted as the best pairing of the day, the dark, richness of the Dark Side of the Moose had a deep flavour that enhanced the flavours of our Cavern aged cheddar.


Dragon Cavern Aged Cheddar with Madog’s Ale


Madog’s Ale is a classic, traditional British ale which complemented the Cavern aged cheddar and it’s flavours.


Dragon Vintage cheddar with Leeks with Antlered IPA


Our vintage cheddar with leeks has a strong savoury flavour that was matched by the higher hoppiness of the Antlered IPA.

Dragon Mild, Medium and Mature with Mŵsh


Mŵsh is a lager style beer with a soft and refreshing taste that complements our mild and mature cheddars.

Thanks for Having us Purple Moose!