Pancake Day

Flipping heck it’s Pancake Day! It’s time to rustle the pots and pans and get your tossing and flipping skills into action.

Traditionally pancakes have been associated with sweet toppings, especially as they’re usually eaten the day before Lent and the last day of what is known as ‘fat eating’. This year, however, why not go for a savoury pick me up? Swap the syrup for something savoury and choose cheddar instead of cherries.

For an easy savoury take, flip pancakes on their head by adding some grated Dragon Cheddar into the batter mix.

For a delicate cheese flavour opt for Dragon Mild Cheddar.  It’s a young creamy cheese so would be a good choice, especially if you’re making after-school pancakes for younger appetites. For pancakes that pack a punch then grate in some Dragon Mature Cheddar. This Welsh Cheddar is left to mature for around 12 months so has a real robust flavour. If you’re conscious of calories then just swap for the Reduced Fat Mature Cheddar.

For a real Welsh flavour, and to create the ultimate ‘Welsh Pancake’, choose Dragon Vintage Cheddar with Leek. Not only does the cheese have a great flavour, the leek delivers a real oniony tang.

Make your pancake even more indulgent with some extra toppings. If you’re a real cheese fan, then you can’t go wrong with a little extra grated cheese! Alternatively, a generous spread of some Dragon Welsh Salted Butter or some crispy bacon work really well to make a super-tasty snack.

Our recipe for Cheesy Pancakes is really easy. Take a look here.

Pancakes don’t have to be reserved just for Shrove Tuesday. Enjoy anytime of day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. They’re quick, easy and a delicious treat and adding in a little Welsh Cheddar makes them all the more tasty!