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Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a young cheese with a creamy mild flavour and a springy texture.

Perfect for cooking with great melting qualities.

  • 1Very Mild
  • 2Mild
  • 3Strong
  • 4Very Strong

Product Information

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g

Energy 393kcal / 1629kj

Protein 26.0g

Carbohydrate 0.2g

(of which sugar) 0.2g

Fat 32g

(of which saturates) 19.84g

Fibre Nil

Salt 1.9g


(92% RDA* PER 100g)

*RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance

What they say

Melts brilliantly and tastes great, we always use it for our cheeseburgers!

Monterey Jack

great with

A toasted naan bread spread with mango chutney and a thick slice of Monterey Jack cheese grilled on top. Serve with a Pinot Noir or a chilled Riesling Wine.