World Milk Day

As it’s World Milk Day we thought we’d explain where our milk comes from

World Milk Day is a celebration of all farmers and dairy companies to celebrate their milk and where it comes from.
Our Dragon brand is owned by South Caernarfon Creameries in Chwilog, near Pwllheli in North Wales. SCC is a dairy co-operative since 1938 with 130 farmer members, who supply all the milk to make our award winning cheese and butter. We are very lucky to have strong relationships with our members and their families

All of our farms are based in North, and Mid Wales. Our cows get to graze on lush pastures near mountains, rivers, the sea and some of the most amazing views in Wales!!

World Milk Day was established by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) in 2001 as a way to celebrate all aspects of milk and the milk industry. Many countries participate on the 1st of June which shows the importance of milk as a global food, more and more join every year.

What are we going to do to celebrate? We will be hosting a dairy competition, where you could get your hands on a range of Welsh dairy products including our Dragon cheese and butter, Village Dairy yogurts and Daioni milkshakes. To enter visit our facebook page. Like, Share and comment on the post. The winner will be announced on the 5th of June. Good luck!