Emyr and Yale Lloyd Jones - Berth Ddu

4th January 2019

Berth Ddu Family Farm

Moos Berth Ddu

Berth Ddu farm is located in the Conwy county and is currently run by farther and son team, Emyr and Yale. The farm has been owned by the family since 1947 and has seen 4 generations working the land.

Size of your heard?

120 milking cows and and abundance of dairy replacements and beef store cattle.

How do you take care of the heard?

Our cows are predominantly grass fed which we believe aids in the production of creamy milk. The cows will graze for around 7 months of the year and then are housed and fed a combination of grass silage and trafford gold to give the cows the nutrients that they need to produce high quality milk over the winter months.

Whats a typical day on the farm?

We milk twice a day at 7am and 6pm. We feed and clean all of the cows and ensure that they're all happy and content.

What's your favourite part of the job?

Emyr: Watching the cows go out to graze in the spring!

Yale: Seeing and getting to know the cows and each of their personalities on a daily basis.