Iwan Evans - Tŷ Coch

20th February 2020

Tŷ Coch is a family farm in Llangynhafal near Denbigh. It’s farmed by father and son Emyr and Iwan. They are grass based therefore the cows are rarely in at all throughout the year, only when the weather is too rough for them to be out!

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How long has the farm been in the family?

Around 15 years

Since when are you members of the Creamery?

10 years

What’s the size of your herd?


What time do you milk?

6am + 3pm

Favourite part of the job?

When the cows go out

Worst part of the job?

Mucking out the dogs huts

Anything else of interest?

Our cows seem to like music so we keep the radio on in the parlour for them (and me!)

What is your favourite cheese?

Anything that’s Dragon