John a Sion Hughes - Ynysgain Fawr

28th September 2018

Ynysgain Fawr family farm


John Hughes, 3rd generation farmer at ynysgain

Ynysgain Fawr is a family farm located only 5 miles from our Creamery. The cows have one of the best views Wales has to offer, looking over Tremadog Bay. The Farm has been in the family since 1943 but the family has been supplying the creamery with milk since the very beginning in 1938.

John & Sion, father and son are in charge of running the farm and it's a very exciting time for them as they've just moved into their new state of the art dairy parlour.

Size of your herd?

120 at the moment but with the new dairy we can go up to 170.

All of our cows have a name as well as their own personality.

Most of them are pedigrees, at the moment we've got 3 generations of cows.

How do you take care of your herd?

We believe that the happier the cow is, the tastier the milk is!

All our cows have smart collars that let us know of any changes to the cow, which makes sure they get the best care possible.

What time do you milk every day?

5 a.m. & 4 p.m.

Our new dairy will cut the milking time by 5 hours!

What makes your farm different?

We are working on being economically friendly. We've started collecting rain water in a tank and use it to wash the dairy parlour.

What's your favourite part of the job?

John: Breeding the cows

Sion: I like the variety that comes with the changing of the seasons