Dragon now AVAILABLE in Booths

11th November 2019

Do you love Dragon cheese but live up North so can’t get hold of it?

Not to worry as we’re pleased to accounce that Dragon is now available in Boothsstores in Northen England. There are 28 Booths stores in Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, North and West Yorkshire.

We are launching 5 fantastic products:

180g Dragon Vintage Cheddar and Leeks

180g Dragon Caerphilly

200g Dragon Welsh Slate Cavern Aged Cheddar

200g Dragon Welsh Slate Cavern Cheddar with Penderyn Whisky

200g Dragon Halen Môn Sea Salt Cheddar

Booths Hc Range Large

Dragon Handcrafted range

There will be tasting sessions in the stores from the 25th - 29th November if you live nearby please come in for a taster and let us know what you think of it!