Chargrilled Aubergine & Chickpeas with Spiced Cheddar Crust

35 Large

Prep Time: 20 mins | Cook Time: 20 mins | Ready: 50 mins | Servings:

Step by Step

Recipe Ingredients
2 aubergines
4 small sweet red peppers
1 tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed under cold water to remove brine
Olive oil
Smoked paprika
125g grated cheese (delicious with Smoked, Cavern Aged or Halen Mon Sea Salt)
3 tablespoons of sourdough breadcrumbs
Recipe Directions
Prepare washed aubergines by slicing into thin circles and discarding both end pieces. Arrange in a colander and sprinkle with sea salt. Leave for 30 minutes so the excess moisture can drain from the aubergines. Rinse well and pat dry.
Cut washed peppers in half lengthways and remove seeds.
Toss the peppers and aubergines in oil and place on a hot bbq or griddle and cook until browned and softened. Set aside.
Toss chickpeas in olive oil, sprinkle with cumin seeds and dust lightly with smoked paprika. Place on baking sheet and roast at 180c for 15 minutes until toasted and brown.
Arrange peppers and aubergines in greased shallow baking dish, alternating aubergine and peppers until all slices have been used.
Place the roasted chickpeas evenly over the top
Mix together the breadcrumbs and grated cheese then sprinkle over the whole dish (for extra crunch add some sunflower or pumpkin seeds)
Bake for 20 mins until the cheese is melted and golden
Serve as a vegetable accompaniment to your bbq or delicious with a tomato salad and crusty bread.

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