Dragon Christmas Cheeseboard

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Prep Time: 5 | Cook Time: 0 | Ready: 5 | Servings:

Step by Step

Recipe Ingredients
Dragon Caerphilly
Dragon Handcrafted Maple smoked cheddar
Dragon Handcrafted Cavern Aged Cheddar
Dragon Vintage Cheddar with Leeks
Nuts of your choice (suggest walnuts, cashews)
Fruits of your choice (suggest orange, grapes, apricots, dates)
Chutney of your choice (suggest something fruity)
Crackers or Crusty bread for serving
Recipe Directions
Cut your cheeses in different shapes (to get some different textures)
Start by placing the cheese on the cheeseboard then place the accompaniments around them
Serve with chutney and crackers or crusty bread

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