Fruity Flapjacks

Something fun to do with the kids

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Prep Time: 10 | Cook Time: 20 | Ready: 30 | Servings: 12

Step by Step

Recipe Ingredients
150g Dragon butter
300g porridge oats
180g dates
75g dried apricots, chopped
75g chopped mixed nuts
50g mixed seeds
3 tbsp of syrup (maple, golden or agave)
3 tbsp of honey
Recipe Directions
Heat the oven to 190C/170 fan/gas 5. Line a square tin with greaseproof paper.
Cut the dates into small pieces or blitz in a food processor until finely chopped and sticking together
Gently heat the butter, syrup, honey and dates in a saucepan, stir until everything is combined
Mix all the remaining ingredients into the pan
Put the mixture into the tin and spread out until even
Bake for 15-20 mins until golden brown. Remove and cut into slices
Store in an airtight container

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